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Text Box: Welcome to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) - Guelph & Fergus.

If you are in urgent need of food, clothing, furniture and/or household items, please call the SSVP Conference closest to you. We will arrange to visit and provide assistance as quickly as possible.  

If you are unsure which Conference to call, please check the Map of Conferences or call any one of us and we will be happy to direct you.  


To receive assistance or to learn more about our Society, Conferences, Thrift Store, Volunteer Opportunities, etc., please click on the links at the left.  

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know ~ info@ssvpguelph.ca
Text Box: SSVP Church of Our Lady…(519) 654-3575
Text Box: SSVP Sacred Heart…(519) 265-8944
Text Box: SSVP St. John…(519) 824-7311
Text Box: SSVP St Joseph—Fergus…(519) 843-2006
Text Box: SSVP St. Joseph—Guelph…(519) 836-6806
Text Box: Email:  info@ssvpguelph.ca